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  • Artists you can connect to DJs instantly.
  • DJs you can discover and play new music as you see fit.


  • Artists you can view live audiences listening to your music in real time!
  • DJs you can do video reviews of Artists songs at your convenience.


  • Artists you can show the world how DJs and audiences vibe to your music via social media.
  • DJs you can show Artists and fans how you move the crowd!


  • Artists you can grow your audience faster by controlling your song's distribution.
  • DJs you can present new Artists and earn extra income doing what you love!

DJ Connect App About & Who we are

DJ Connect was created to give artists an opportunity to be successful in the music industry. DJ Connect app provides artists the ability to market songs directly to live audiences worldwide through the DJ.

If you are an artist looking to build your audience, the DJ Connect app is for you! If you are a DJ looking to showcase new music and earn extra income doing what you love, the DJ Connect app is for you!